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Getting there: Location

This serene place is on the slopes of Ollolamuita Hills offering magnificient views across eastern reaches of the park Our camp is 1 km from the Ololaimutia Gate and 7 km from the Sekenani Gate.
To get here, there are 3 options

  • By Road~Self Drive Option
  • By Tour Van/Hired
    Car & Driver can be organised upon request
  • Fly into the Masai Mara; Our camp is 7km from Keerok Airstrip

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Accomodation: The rooms

Our campsite has 70 rooms with option of single, double, triple and family occupancy; 30 stone-walled rooms for guests with children(security concerns.) and the remaining units are tented ideal for travelers looking to experience the wild. The rooms, which are constructed to best blend with the milieu of the Masai Mara, are fronted by a private veranda ideal for relaxing and giving one the feeling of truly experiencing the tranquility of the bush. Each suite is fitted with mosquito nets and an en-suite bathroom with showers, flush toilets and a washbasin.

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Dining & Activities

Served on a buffet display alongside tasteful African traditional cooking are menus reflecting a variety of choices to accommodate our international clientele. Our chef prepares delicious and healthy meals with fresh organic produce transported daily from the country’s farming districts. At our bar, we treat guests to the African tastes and also offer an array of rich local and international beers as well as wines and spirits. We serve the finest Kenyan coffee and tea, and guests can unwind after a long thrilling day and enjoy a movie or international events on satellite TV.

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Get a Massage

Upon request, we arrange for a body massage. our massages specilizes in quality and clean treatments. We offer a full range of body pampering and rejuvenation services including traditional Balinese massage, Thai reflexology massage & combination massages

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What You Will Get With Us


Masai Mara

Learn, Interact, Participate


Experience the Masai Mara culture by visiting the maasai villages.

& Rest



Tidy &
Spacious Rooms

You can sleep easy in our very clean tents with access to all services we offer.


The Wild

Get out There

Easy Access
To Wildlife

Our campsite location is perfect since we are near the animal daily paths & routine.